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ASEPHI Inacraft Award

ASEPHI Inacraft Award


Message from Chairman

This year, the evaluation of INACRAFT Award is taking a new format in digital application. The judging process is still applying the UNESCO format but each steps of collecting and marking score will be carried out by digital system, so it is expected to make the process of data input easy and accelerate the judging process, so the results that have been input could be directly known and expected to reduce the possibility of mistakes. The change of the format is also aiming at increasing the quality of the implementation in line with development of technology. Though it is far from being perfect, some changes and improvements becomes our remarks in the future. >> Read More …

About the Award

ASEPHI has improved the development of INACRAFT AWARD program as product selection into ONLINE application since INACRAFT AWARD 2016, due to INACRAFT AWARD consumes only short time of selection i.e. only during 3 days of INACRAFT Trade Fair, and to simplify the process of submission and entry. Thus, in 2016 ASEPHI has transformed the program and concept into a digital application (ONLINE) whereas all the standard and technique of selection reminds the same.


Inacraft Award

These can be defined as products which are produced either completely by hand or with the help of tools. Mechanical tools may be used as long as the direct manual contribution of the artisan remains the most substantial component to the finished product. Handicrafts are made from natural raw materials and can be produced in unlimited numbers.

Such products can be utilitarian, aesthetic, artistic, creative, culturally attached, decorative, functional, traditional, religiously and socially symbolic and significant.

(Adapted from the definition for crafts/artisan products at the UNESCO/ ITC International Symposium on “Crafts and the International Market: Trade and Customs Codification”, Manila, Philippines, October 1997)