About the Award


The ASEPHI “INACRAFT AWARD” aims to encourage artisans to produce handicrafts using traditional skills, patterns and themes in an innovative way, in order to ensure the continuity and sustainability of these traditions and skills. It is an adaptation of UNESCO Criteria and Programme and then becomes a WCC’s flagship programme for supporting craft producers and keep the local identity to modernity in current usage and lifestyle.

ASEPHI has improved the development of INACRAFT AWARD program as product selection into ONLINE application since INACRAFT AWARD 2016, due to INACRAFT AWARD consumes only short time of selection i.e. only during 3 days of INACRAFT Trade Fair, and to simplify the process of submission and entry. Thus, in 2016 ASEPHI has transformed the program and concept into a digital application (ONLINE) whereas all the standard and technique of selection reminds the same.