Criteria & Pre-Condition

A product meets the highest level of craft national and international panel of experts, nominated by ASEPHI evaluates submissions based on the following criteria:


Demonstrated excellence and standard–setting quality in craftsmanship: determined by the use of high quality materials, a high standard of technique and the special attention to manufacturing and finishing details.


Expression of cultural identity and traditional aesthetic values: demonstrated by a well-achieved application of aesthetic and cultural expression or traditional crafting techniques.


Innovation in design and production: demonstrated by an effective and successful blend of traditional and contemporary, or inventive and creative use of material, design, and production processes.


Marketability of the craft products with potential for the regional and/or international market: related to the functionality of the product, the safe use by potential buyers, a balanced price-quality relationship or the sustainability of production.


Concern to the youth and creative artisans who produce and show keen interest to apply knowledge and creativity of crafts products both in materials and design

  • | To be eligible and enter the evaluation, all submissions must first fulfill two pre-conditions. Products and processes must be: ECO-FRIENDLY & GOOD QUALITY PACKAGING