Objective 1: Establish rigorous standards of excellence for handicrafts

The ASEPHI “INACRAFT AWARD” aims to promote quality crafts that upholds rigorous standards of excellence. It aims to ensure that when consumers buy awarded handicrafts, they are buying high quality, culturally authentic products that have been manufactured with respect for the environment and show an identity of Indonesian Culture and tradition as a Local Wisdom into modern and functional products.

Objective 2: Encourage innovativeness

While it seeks to promote the continuation of traditional skills, the ASEPHI “INACRAFT AWARD” also encourages product innovation in order to ensure that handicrafts remain relevant, valuable, and marketable in modern life.

Objective 3: Offer training and support services

The ASEPHI programme aims to provide capacity-building and training workshops to assist craft producers in the improvement of their product design and marketing, development of their markets, and protection of their intellectual property rights.

Objective 4: Provide new opportunities to gain global opportunity

The handicraft sector plays an increasingly significant role in local economic development and poverty. By providing new market opportunities, the programme aims to enable handicraft producers to establish potential market for their sustainable livelihoods. This will be achieved through developing networks of handicraft producers and buyers, including the higher-end of the market, and through exhibitions and trade fairs and online platforms.

Objective 5: Encourage for Emerging Products

The ASEPHI “INACRAFT AWARD” has one special AWARD called ASEPHI EMERGING AWARD , this is a category of products that is not include into the 7 categories. ASEPHI aims to give more opportunities to newbie artisan with potential product and show promising market share to be an inspiration for all, particularly to the young artisan and beginners entrepreneurs – ( special term & conditions *))