The ASEPHI INACRAFT AWARD is a benchmark, not a competition

  • The INACRAFT AWARD, as well as UNESCO/WCC Award is awarded to specific craft product lines which pass set standards of production of a crafts based on materials.
  • It is not a prize for the best products. All products which pass the criteria may be awarded, but ASEPHI gives extra value to the three highest score products by category and Choose 1 – the most highest score of all categories to be awarded as Best of the Best
  • The INACRAFT AWARD is given to products and product lines – never to individuals or collectivities
  • but ASEPHI shows its concern to the producers/artisan in order to encourage his/her effort in developing and initiating and or producing handicrafts in a special award called ASEPHI EMERGING AWARD as being proposed through curator recommendation. and ASEPHI during Inacraft also gives special appreciation to its exhibitors by choosing Best Booth Design