The Process

  1. SUBMISSION consists of 2 types:
  • 1. Submission by the Jury Selection, and
  • 2. Submission by Independent Applicant
  • All the products must be submitted on the Day-1 of INACRAFT with “No Entry Submission Fee” or FREE FROM HRS. 10.00 -17.00 INDONESIA TIME


2. EVALUATION The evaluation will be on the Day-2 and Day-3 of INACRAFT through some steps of consensus and marking using Digital Application

3. AWARDING All Products awarded (21 products) will belongs to ASEPHI in which ASEPHI will buy the products based on the price informed in the application form. The Awardee will be announced on the Day-3 of INACRAFT , and exhibited during the Trade fair and will be continuously promoted by ASEPHI’s Promotion Programme